Netting Cattle

After a bit of a lightning show last night (luckily our group is camping a good deal east of the Cascade crest where the lightning was concentrated), our intrepid banders awoke to cold and rain. They headed down to Tieton Alders, which had proven so productive on Sunday. While banding amidst the cows, a sapsucker started screeching as it was extracted from a net. It seems that the noise spooked the cattle and they started to stampede, running through and destroying two nets. Luckily, there were no birds in the nets at the time, and the only casualties from the incident were the nets. The group has now learned some important lessons about how to manage mist nets in the presence of cattle (walk the cows away from the nets before opening them). This should be useful information as many of the banding sites are also grazing sites.

Eventually the rain picked up and the banders had to pack it in after only catching about a dozen birds. They headed back to camp for soup and hot drinks for lunch. During afternoon lecture, blue sky started to break through and the group was optimistic that they would get in some late afternoon/evening banding, and that the temperature might climb above 61 degrees.

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