The Seattle Audubon Teens arrive!

This year we have our largest group of teens ever, 12 in total. With 4 staff members onsite, we have a total of 16 people in the field. Luckily, we have the campground entirely to ourselves.

Many of the teens are members of BirdWatch, Seattle Audubon’s excellent teen program, but others have come just for the banding, one from as far as New Jersey! Our two student TAs went up with the Advance Team, but the remaining 10 headed up with Carly, the Camp Manager and BirdWatch Coordinator, and Dan, our lead trainer, on Monday morning.

TAs Lindsey and Sam work to get camp set up.

On Monday morning, as the majority of the teens were driving up, the remaining members of the Advance Team set up a few nets -and proceded to catch 4 Red Crossbills! The Crossbills had begun to molt from thier subadult yellow plumage to their adult red plumage so they were splotchy red and yellow. Although they were in between plumages, they weren’t molting body feathers. We saw a similar arrested molt on the White-winged Crossbill we banded at camp last year.

We also banded two more Yellow-rumped Warblers (Audubon’s), and some Cassin’s Finches. The Cassin’s Finches were likely adults (after hatch year) as they were starting their flight feather molt, but were not yet molting body feathers.

Monday evening, after the rest of the group arrived, a few more nets went up and caught two
Cedar Waxwings, more Yellow-rumped Warblers, and a Hairy Woodpecker.

At dusk on Monday evening, Common Nighthawks were flying over the lake, a full moon was rising, and coyotes were howling in the distance.

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