More Birds, and Bats!

We had a steadily busy day on Tuesday, catching 75 birds (15 species) between 7:30 am and 1:30 pm. We had lots of warblers – including 27 Yellow-rumped (Audubon’s) and 14 Townsend’s Warblers, as well as Yellow and Orange-crowned Warblers, Other highlights were both Hammond’s and Dusky Flycatchers, and a hatch year male Williamson’s Sapsucker molting into adult plumage.

We’ve been catching a lot of Cassin’s Finches, which tend to be smaller than they are described in the Pyle Guide (the bander’s manual). We’re always checking to see if any of the Cassin’s Finches might be Purple Finches (which are smaller). Today, our careful checking was rewarded with a juvenile female Purple Finch. It was smaller all around than a Cassin’s Finch, especially her head, and her color was browner than Cassin’s Finches.

Once the rain started, the Pacific Tree Frogs came out to celebrate around camp. This evening a western toad also ambled through our campsite.

We also had an interesting bat experience. We found 2 bats walking along the road, locked in each others’ clutches. Perhaps they’d had a mid-air collision and fallen to the ground that way. Their pale brown fur and long ears told us they were Long-eared Myotis. –

As we wraped up Tuesday, the light rain continued, and the strong wind gusts we’d experienced earlier in the day were starting to subsude. Conditions could be good for a fallout romorrow…

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