A family occasion: family banding weekend!

Three families braved the threat of the campside rattlesnake and joined us at the McDaniel Lake field station for our first ever family banding weekend. We were fortunate to have 9 year old Andrew and 11 year old Ellery, both with a deep interest in birds. For them, observing our researchers identify flycatchers in the hand, release a Rufous Hummingbird, recapture an Evening Grosbeak, band a Lazuli Bunting, and distinguish between juvenile and adult Western Tanagers was a fantastic and engrossing experience. We hope to see them both at teen banding camp in a few years.

The younger children, Tess (8), Max (7), Triona (5) and Kalina (3), enjoyed a variety of nature experiences in addition to the banding, including bug collecting, play-doh forest building, playing in the stream, catching garter snakes (a lot of garter snakes), and identifying tracks along the lake shore.

Photo by Emily Sprong.

Most of the group hiked up to the Timberwolf Mountain lookout on Saturday afternoon, with a 360 degree view, including McDaniel Lake 3000 feet below. Plenty of wildflowers and a Pacific Tree Frog graced the wind-swept summit and a Bald Eagle flew by while we enjoyed the view.

It was wonderful to see six children of different ages come together with a shared love of nature, supported by parents willing to bring them to a camp ground with no running water, and bond over birds, snakes and a bouncy log.

We hope you can join us next year for PSBO’s Family Banding Camp!

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