2011 Maps Season

MAPS (Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship) is a cooperative program across North America that collects long-term data on population and demographics of numerous breeding bird species. PSBO’s 2011 MAPS banding program has been a great success. We ran two banding stations, one at Morse Preserve and the other on Joint Base Lewis-McChord. We banded many of the usual species for the sites, such as Swainson’s Tthrushes, Oregon Juncos, American Robins, and Song Sparrows. We also banded some of the more colorful species, such as Common Yellowthroat, Western Tanager, Black-headed Grosbeak, and Wilson’s Warbler.

Interestingly, at Morse we banded many Pacific Wrens (formerly known as Winter Wren). When this site started operation in the 1990’s there weren’t any Pacific Wrens even heard on the property. But this year we banded many individuals, some of which were juveniles indicating the species is breeding in the area.

We have had numerous volunteers that have donated hard work and early mornings to help collect data for this important program. In addition, this year we have had two interns help us. Emma, who will also be attending teen banding camp as a student, and Joey, who will be continuing to serve as an intern to help the banding camps and Meadows project. They have both done great work and we look forward to seeing them at banding camp. Thanks to all the volunteers that made this MAPS season a success!

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