The Route to McDaniel Lake

For those of you coming up to the McDaniel Field Station this summer – here is some information about where we are. Click here for our Google Maps site which pinpoints the location. Zoom way in and turn on satellite and you’ll see some pretty cool pictures of the area. If you click on the camp icon, you can get directions from where you’re coming from. It’s clearly marked and pretty easy to get to. The pictures below should help you with some landmarks.

From 410, you’re looking for Nile Road. The road loops around so has 2 entrances off 410. The original 410 is still closed from the landslide 2 summers ago, so 410 detours onto Nile Rd. You CAN’T miss it. If you are coming from Yakima, the turn is nicely marked by the Wood Shed restaurant/convenience store (and the giant orange detour sign). The Wood Shed is your last chance for a bathroom stop before you get to camp.

Coming from the Wood Shed, once you turn onto Nile Road, you are about 30 minutes away. In about a mile you will turn left off Nile Road onto Bethel Ridge Rd.

If you have come via Chinook Pass, you will turn onto Nile Rd at the other end, drive a few miles to Bethel Ridge Rd on your right. Then follow the clearly marked signs on 1500 for McDaniel Lake – 12 miles up the road.

You will eventually turn onto 1502 – which is also clearly marked.

The turn into McDaniel Lake will be on your left!

Once you enter the campground, turn to your right and follow the road as far as you can – you can’t miss us!

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