More Photos!

Okay, how about some bird pictures?

This Ruby-crowned Kinglet is one of the few adult birds we're catching this year. It looks so ratty because it is in mid-molt.

Adult Yellow Warbler with a mosquito as a small snack after banding. The growing flight feathers shown in the picture represent rapid molt. All six secondaries were either in sheath or pin, indicating a great deal of overlap in flight feather growth.

Juvenile male Nashville Warbler. This one was caught at McDaniel Lake.

Juvenile female MacGillivray's Warbler. We caught this one at Cash Prairie.

Juvenile Western Wood Pewee, caught at McDaniel Lake.

Adult female Warbling Vireo, banded at McDaniel Lake.

This is one of our adult trainees with one of our "neekers" this year, a Solitary Sandpiper!

Here's one of the many wonderful views from Timberwolf Mountain. We went up with the teens on Thursday and admired the views and enjoyed the last bit of unmelted snow.



The last couple days with the teen camp were a lot of fun! Yesterday, we took a trip up to Timberwolf Mountain (elevation 6400 feet) and admired the fantastic views up there. It was a bit cloudy, but we could clearly see Eastern Washington, a bit of Mt. Rainier behind the clouds, and Mt. Adams quite clearly. There was even a chunk of snow that was still present in a shady location! The teens had lots of fun with some brief snowball fights before we returned for dinner and banding the following day. Today, we visited one of our new sites, “Road End Willows” and sadly didn’t have much luck with birds. There were plenty of sparrows, juncos, warblers, vireos, and flycatchers around, but not many found our nets. We said goodbye to the teens later this afternoon, and now we’re launching right into Family Weekend! Everybody is excited to see some bird banding, and the kids are already having a great time.

More pictures will be sure to come, and we’ll keep you posted with the birds we band over the weekend and next week as we wrap up Banding Blitz next week.

– by Joey Smokey

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