Saunders Site Banding Summary, Nov. 13

The second day of banding at the new Saunders site was very successful.  It was overcast and damp, but we had a lot of bird activity.  We are still experimenting with this site, trying to figure out the best net positions.  We tried a new net and it was very successful.  It is located in a little corridor of open space surrounded by well established shrubs and trees.  We set up a feeder in the open space and then placed the net running between the feeder and the shrubs, parallel to the shrub/forest edge.  It is well hidden against a dense shrub background, and it turned out to be the best net of the day.

We caught 34 birds total, including our first five recaptures from this site.  A big improvement over the first banding session when we only got 11 birds.  I hope as this site becomes more established and more birds find the feeders that we will continue to have similar days like this one.  We had a nice variety of birds.

  • Oregon junco = 10 new, 1 recapture
  • Black-capped chickadee = 3 new, 1 recapture
  • Chestnut-backed chickadee = 6 new, 2 recapture
  • Fox sparrow = 1 new
  • Bewick’s wren = 1 new
  • Red-breasted nuthatch = 2 new, 1 recapture
  • Spotted towhee = 2 new
  • Varied thrush = 1 new
  • Golden-crowned kinglet = 2 new
  • Song sparrow = 1 new

The most interesting event of the day occurred after banding was over.  Upon returning to her home, Kim spotted and took pictures of a color banded chickadee feeding from one of her feeders.  Kim lives about 0.2 miles from the Saunders site and about 0.5 miles from the Fienes site, but this was the first color banded bird she has seen visiting her feeder.  It would seem likely that it would have been a bird originally banded at the Saunders site, or even the Fienes site.  But as it turned out this bird was originally banded at the Southwick site in October, almost 0.9 miles to the south!

Color banded chickadee seen at Kim's house (photo courtesy of Kim)

It was a great day and thanks to all the volunteers who worked so hard to make it successful, Kim, Erin-Sara, Cindy, Emma, Polly, Emily R., Mark, Jason, and neighborhood guests Andy and Zoe.

Volunteers hard at work

Posted by Ben Vang-Johnson

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