Shoreline CC Banding Report 11/26/11

Written by Kira L. Wennstrom, edited by Mary Huff

It was a chilly, damp morning and bird activity was slow, but we still had some exciting moments.  We caught twelve new birds and recaptured seven, including:

Bewick's Wren recaptured at Shoreline CC on 11/26/2011

Oregon Junco–4 new
House Finch–4 new
Fox Sparrow–3 new
Pacific (Western Winter) Wren–1 new
Black-capped Chickadee–4 recaptures
Chestnut-backed Chickadee–2 recaptures
Bewick’s Wren–1 recapture

One of the recaptured Black-capped Chickadees had been banded at the SHCC station more than two years ago, so it was really cool to see him again. We also recaptured the infamous “Christmas junco”–infamous because he’s been lost from the hand at least twice and has been sighted on campus a couple of times since he was banded in February of 2011, and Christmas for his band combination (red and green on the left leg).

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