Saunders Site Banding – 12/11/2011

We had a late start today due to light rain.  We opened the nets about an hour late, and only opened 3 of our usual 4 nets.  One net is under a large tree and there was just too much dripping from the tree to be able to open that net.  The day was damp and cool, and bird activity was pretty slow.  We did manage to catch a total of 13 birds, 9 new and 4 recaptures.  The bird, or in this case, birds of the day were two varied thrushes caught together in the same net.  One thrush was already caught as we approached the net, and another that was perched nearby flew into the net right in front of us.  Totals for the day: Oregon Junco (5), Chestnut-Backed Chickadee (3), Black-Capped Chickadee (1), Bewick’s Wren (1), Red-Breasted Nuthatch (1), and Varied Thrush (2).

Thank you to the volunteers for coming out in less than ideal weather to help; Kim, Polly, Max, Emma, and Natalie.  We also had some neighborhood guests come to check out the banding, and release a few birds.

The next Saunders Site banding will take place January 15, 2012.  See you there!

Varied Thrush being processed

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