PSBO Board Member Returns to NW to Run Established Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) Routes

Despite working on the BP Oil Spill in Louisiana for much of the last 20 months, PSBO Board Member Don Norman returned to the northwest in June in 2010 and 2011 to complete BBS routes that he’s been running for more than a decade.  “In one day I get a glimpse of the birds in that area.  It’s kind of addicting,” he explained.

Did you know there’s a need for more participants to ensure all Breeding Bird Survey routes are covered each year?  To help others learn more,, PSBO will soon be posting some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the history and protocol of BBS-ing; a glimpse of how it may be changing in the future; and a link to a detailed blog about Don’s 2010 run of the Taholah route on the Pacific coast.

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