Winter Color Banding – Saunders Site – January 29, 2012

The day started a little drizzly and pretty slow, but ended with a bunch of activity.  We got a great look at the difference between plumages  of male and female red-breasted nuthatches.  The female had a grayish colored crown which didn’t contrast very much  with the gray back color  The male had a black crown with very obvious contrast with the gray back.  It was a big day for nuthatches overall, with five different individuals captured.

Male (right) and female red-breasted nuthatches (photo by Kim Josund)

We were also treated to a beautiful male Townsend’s Warbler.

Male Townsend's Warbler (photo by Kim Josund)

We finished with a total of 20 birds banded, including seven recaptures:

Black-capped chickadee = 9

Song sparrow = 2

Red-breasted nuthatch = 5

Chestnut-backed chickadee = 3

Townsend’s warbler = 1

Thanks to all the hard work of the volunteers, Emily R., Polly S., Kim J., Jason M., Erin-Sara, and new guest Erin T!

Emily and Jason extracting birds from a mist net (photo by Kim Josund)

Next Saunders Site banding is on February 12th.  Hope to see you there!


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