Screech Owl Nest Box Building

My son, Alex, foster daughter, Jonali, and I attended PSBO’s owl box building event at the beginning of this month in Edmonds.  It was wonderfully organized by PSBO board members Cindy and Mark.  We started with a short bird watching walk.  The highlight was a group of common redpolls.  After that, the real fun of building screech owl nest boxes began.  Everyone grabbed a hammer, safety glasses, and started building their own owl box.  After the last nails were hammered, we found we had a great natural-cavity alternative for a screech owl.

Alex and his owl box masterpiece.

The next weekend Alex and I hiked down into the riparian area in our backyard and found a nice tree to hang Alex’s owl box.

Alex and his owl nest box all ready for a screech owl pair.

Hopefully we selected a suitable tree and will soon have a happy screech owl family using the nest box!  Thanks to Cindy and Mark for their hard work to make this event happen, and to the members and visitors that attended.


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