Banding Report, 3/10/12

Written by Kira Wennstrom, edited by Mary Huff

Though the day started a little damp, the site was very active today.  We caught 32 birds, though only 31 were banded (we released a Pine Siskin due to a shortage of size zero bands.)  Here are the tallies:

5 new Oregon Juncos and 2 recaptures
2 new Black-capped Chickadees and 2 recaps
1 new Chestnut-backed Chickadee and 1 recap
2 new Fox Sparrows and 1 recap
4 new Song Sparrows and 1 recap
1 new Red-breasted Nuthatch and 1 recap
the site’s first Purple Finch (1 male)
2 new House Finches
2 new Golden-crowned Kinglets
1 new Spotted Towhee
1 new Ruby-crowned Kinglet
and perhaps the best bird of the day was the Varied Thrush (only the second we’ve caught at SHCC)

Thanks very much to Cindy and Mark who banded all those birds.  I had four students from my zoology class visit today and they really enjoyed it when you quizzed them on the birds!  They’ve got a test this week 🙂

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