2013 Birds at the Burke

By Christine Southwick, PSBO President

Thanks to everyone who came out to meet us at the recent Birds at the Burke event! We made a lot of new friends, caught up with old friends, and provided some great opportunities for hands-on learning.

Outside, we had a mist net set up with a display about how and why we band, and our new wing-lengths banner. Inside, a tabletop display which included our new “Which local bird eats…?” board was a real crowd pleaser. Thank you, Mark for making that board and adding grommets on the banner!

We gave a lot of goodies away to enthusiastic participants including 50 cloth card holders with our new, professionally-crafted business cards; 45 small hand-sewn birds that were thrown into the net by enthusiastic children (and a few adults); and almost all of our bookmarks.

There were great talks, live birds, and lots of specimens I hadn’t seen before, including an albatross which has a really BIG and LONG body. Our wing-length banner has Wandering Albatross as having an 11’6″ wing span–that’s about a foot taller than Cindy and I standing head-to-toe!

My highest thanks to Cindy, Kira, Ben, Mark, and our high school bander Mira Lamb for helping with supplies and long hours staffing the tables. And to Rachel Crick for allowing us to share her wonderful photos.



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