Skagit Flats Raptors Field Report 12-7-2013

By Ben Vang-Johnson

Saturday was sunny and beautiful, but cold.  Perhaps the birds were affected by the cold, but for whatever reason we saw far fewer birds than usual.  It proved to be a frustrating day.  We tried trapping several red-tailed hawks, but they seemed content to sit tight on their perches.  A great looking dark-morph red-tailed hawk was one of them uninterested in the trap (see picture).  Late in the day we had a red-tailed hawk respond immediately to the trap and landed on it. But luck wasn’t with us and it was able to fly off without getting caught (see picture).

A PSBO volunteer in another vehicle did spot a previously color-banded kestrel on Maupin Road.  It was a female with a red band, but the observers didn’t get a close enough look to determine what number was on the color band.  Can’t be certain, but it may have been 03, a female originally banded 2/2/2013 near this location and was recaptured 11/30/2013.  All observations of this bird has been within a half mile of each other.

Not much action as raptors go, but we did get some beautiful views of Mt Baker and saw large flocks of snow geese (see pictures).



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