Board of Directors

Christine Southwick, President

Since 1994, Chris’ yards have been registered both with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife as a Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary, and with the National Wildlife Federation’s Wildlife Habitat Program.  She has planted a variety of native berried shrubs/trees that provide some sort of food for birds in every season. For additional winter food, she leaves the flower heads until spring. Chris keeps her garden organic and lets the birds and beneficial bugs eat all the pests they want, resulting in an arrangement that makes both the humans residents and visiting wildlife happy.  Chris also belongs to several land conservancies and has helped plant hundreds of trees and pulled thousands of pounds of ivy.  In Shoreline, she has worked on the successful “Save the South Woods” campaign, and she is currently an appointed member of the Shoreline Parks /Recreational/ Tree Board. She is also  the NWF  Shoreline Team Leader insuring that the City of Shoreline maintains it’s Community Wildlife Habitat status.

Chris took a banding class taught by Dan Froehlich and Don Norman in 2003, and has been helping with various banding projects ever since, including the three MAPS (Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship) stations located south of Tacoma, and PSBO’s current winter color banding project, for which she serves as Project Manager.  Her yard is one of the main banding sites for that project.  Chris is one of the founding members of PSBO.

Chris writes the For the Birds column  for the Shoreline Area News.

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Donald Norman, Vice President

Donald Norman has a background in environmental toxicology and wildlife ecology that is based on strong empirical approaches using monitoring methods. Don brings a strong background in wildlife conservation in the Pacific Northwest, an understanding of Critical Area Ordinances and Washington’s Growth Management Act, and a familiarity with development mediation issues. He has worked on numerous bird projects relating to the management of priority species identified by Washington’s Department of Fish and Wildlife and is involved in many wildlife and mitigation projects in the urban zone. As an active member of numerous conservation organizations, he has excellent working relationships with the conservation community. He is also involved in restoration projects, is a licensed Master Bander and owns his own native-plant nursery.

Don has operated a Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship bird-banding station since 1996 in the Fort Lewis area and has operated a Breeding Bird Survey route since 1993 on the outer coast.  Don frequently teaches  Breeding Bird Survey classes and Bander classes. Don is one of the creators and founding members of PSBO.

Cindy Easterson, Secretary and Treasurer

Cindy Easterson has served on the Board of Puget Sound Bird Observatory since 2010 filling the roles of both Secretary and Treasurer.

She is an advocate for engaging citizen scientists in projects to support the documentation and assessment of local bird populations and wildlife habitat. Cindy currently manages Puget Sound Bird Observatory’s (PSBO) Wintering Fox Sparrow Habitat Study and co-manages the Secretive Wetland Bird Monitoring project. Her experience includes conducting Breeding Bird Surveys, participation in Washington Audubon’s Sagebrush Songbird Survey project, monitoring and support for Vaux’s Swifts, Shorebird surveys for the Puget Sound Shorebird Count, and serving as an area lead for Pilchuck Audubon’s annual Christmas Bird Count.

She has supported bird banding efforts with PSBO’s Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship (MAPS) station at Morse Reserve and provided training assistance and skill development at workshops for bird identification, bander training and a variety of bird survey methods. Cindy has a passion for birds and finds gratification in studying their behaviors, habits and needs. In addition, she takes great delight in sharing her interest with others and mentoring citizen scientists.

Cindy holds an integrated Bachelor of Arts and Science Degree with a focus on Wetland Science from the University of Washington. She has received HAZWOPER training for Oiled Wildlife Care and completed Washington State Department of Ecology training for Wetland Rating Systems and for Grass, Sedge and Rush Identification for Western WA Puget Lowland Habitats.

Mark Columbino

Mark Colombino has been involved in the birding community in Puget Sound for a number of years. He has assisted on numerous MAPS banding projects here in the Puget Sound, and also in southern Arizona mist-netting grassland sparrow species. He studied geology and mathematics in college but now spends most of his time now building exhibits for museums in the Seattle area. Formerly a Peace Corps volunteer, he woefully regrets all the birds he missed seeing in the Niger River Delta…so many birds…so little time… Mark has been with PSBO since its inception.