Interesting plumage

Spotted towhee. Photo by Dan Froehlich.

Despite the unusual rains, we’ve caught some interesting birds.  This Spotted Towhee surprised us at Cash Prairie.  Last year, we didn’t have SPTO at any of our sites, though we detected them regularly down lower just above the Nile Valley.  This juvenile was interesting not just for . . . → Read More: Interesting plumage

A soggy season in the high country

Rain in the high country. Photo by Dan Froehlich.

This season up in the Cascades is shaping up to be quite different than 2009.  Most importantly, it’s been quite wet, with repeated rain showers and some of the most dramatic thunderstorms I’ve ever experienced in Washington.  This storm moved down the Rattlesnake . . . → Read More: A soggy season in the high country

Warblers, thunderstorms & rattlers

Audubon's warbler. Photo by Dan Froehlich.

Warblers have been in short supply so far this year.  Only a few locally breeding Audubon’s Warblers have gotten caught, including this adult SY with 4 generations of feathers on its wing!  Note the juvenal primary coverts, the formative outer greater coverts, the first alternate inner . . . → Read More: Warblers, thunderstorms & rattlers

Too much Pyle on the brain….

Top row L to R: Scott, Roberta, Don, Dan, Erin Sarah. Bottom row L to R: Samantha, Vanessa, Eric, Julia, Clint, Cindy, Nancy, Gail. Photographer: Andrea Wuenschel.

This is what happens at Banding Camp when you have too much Pyle on the . . . → Read More: Too much Pyle on the brain….

Adult Banding Camp Begins!

The lush meadow at McDaniel Lake. Photo by Andrea Wuenschel.

We arrived at McDaniel Lake for our annual Adult Banding Camp to find the stream higher, the vegetation greener and the mosquitoes hungrier than last year. We started banding on Monday with results that surprised us at first: last year most of our . . . → Read More: Adult Banding Camp Begins!

2010 Cascades Banding Camp Registration is now open!

We’ll be headed back to McDaniel Lake for another season of Cascades Banding Camp. Adult Training is July 25th – 31st.Teen Training is August 9th-13th.

Contact Emily at for more info or to . . . → Read More: 2010 Cascades Banding Camp Registration is now open!

Teen Camp Report

Read a great report by Seattle Audubon’s BirdWatch Coordinator, Carly Gelarden about this year’s teen banding camp.

Thanks to everyone who has been reading this blog. Data summary will be coming soon, and check back for information on next summer’s training program.

Or email Emily Sprong (emily at pugetsoundbirds dot org) if you’d like . . . → Read More: Teen Camp Report

The Final Day

Now that I’m showered after the long drive back with the cargo van on Saturday night, I’m sad that I’m not watching the osprey catching fish in McDaniel Lake, and wondering who will be coming down to the little creeklet by camp for a drink. On Saturday morning, we had an adult male Evening . . . → Read More: The Final Day

A second trip to Cash Prairie

Thursday night the campers endured cold temperatures – dipping as low as 43 degrees. We started a little later than usual, to allow it to warm up to a safe temperature for banding (it is difficult for birds to keep themselves warm when they are caught in a mist net), but by 8:30 we . . . → Read More: A second trip to Cash Prairie

Cold Weather Sets In

On Wednesday night the front passed and clear, cold weather set in at McDaniel Lake. We had a very busy morning and caught most of our birds for the day between 8:00-9:30am, after which we closed the nets for the morning.

The morning birds were very similar to the day before – mostly juvenile . . . → Read More: Cold Weather Sets In