September 2013 Weekend Bander Training

PSBO is pleased to announce a local two-weekend bird bander training class. Training will be held at the Northwest Stream Center, just off Interstate 5, between Seattle and Everett. This non-resident (for commuters) will take place over two weekends and is for beginner banders or those who have had some training but want to hone . . . → Read More: September 2013 Weekend Bander Training

Bander training in pictures

Created a collage of pictures showing basic steps of banding.  Bander training will go into details.


Banding Blitz and Training Camp Photos

As promised, here are some pictures we’ve taken! (And a bit more about the goings-on up here this year.)

One of the projects PSBO is working on is collecting data of bird mark and recapture rates (through banding) of sites at different elevations. Prior to the adult banding camp, and still currently, we are . . . → Read More: Banding Blitz and Training Camp Photos

Adult Camp Over – Teen Camp Starting!

A busy week of 12 adult banding trainees and four staff yielded a lot of fun, and many birds! We were so busy with banding that we just couldn’t get a chance to update the PSBO blog. Though the week started out a bit slow with bird activity, toward the end it picked up . . . → Read More: Adult Camp Over – Teen Camp Starting!

The Route to McDaniel Lake

For those of you coming up to the McDaniel Field Station this summer – here is some information about where we are. Click here for our Google Maps site which pinpoints the location. Zoom way in and turn on satellite and you’ll see some pretty cool pictures of the area. If you click on . . . → Read More: The Route to McDaniel Lake

New Volunteer Orientation

Puget Sound Bird Observatory has an ongoing need for volunteers from every background – whether you are a skilled scientist or an enthusiastic observer, there is a role for you within the organization.  Come learn more about PSBO and ways you can support the organization with the gift of your time and talents.

February 24, . . . → Read More: New Volunteer Orientation

Sora rail release

Ryan, our Audubon staffer, let the Sora go out by the marsh where the students first discovered it.  The bird took off from his hand, proving to be a remarkably strong flier.  Ironically, it flew clear across the marsh and landed on the far bank of the pond; after a brief recovery, it ran . . . → Read More: Sora rail release

Sora rail portraits

All the students had a chance to hold the Sora so they could experience firsthand where the expression “thin as a rail” originates:  rails actually show extreme lateral compression to their breastbone, presumably to aid their forays through their favored, densely vegetated marsh habitat.

Sarah, our communications coordinator came up for a day, to . . . → Read More: Sora rail portraits

Think like a Sora Rail

Photo by Dan Froehlich

The highlight of teen banding camp came on Thursday when the students flushed a Sora Rail out of the marsh that chanced to fly up toward the camp and tried to hide among some dark Ponderosa trunks.  Everyone sprang into action to encircle the tree and trap the odd . . . → Read More: Think like a Sora Rail

Teen camp: bird bonanza & headlamp soccer encore

Photo by Sarah Krueger

After a slow morning at the mist nets at Cash Prairie (elevation 6,000 feet), bird activity suddenly picked up and yielded the highest capture day of the season.   The Teen Banding Camp students practiced handling and banding 58 birds – including  over 30 juvenile Oregon Juncos and a female Williamson’s . . . → Read More: Teen camp: bird bonanza & headlamp soccer encore