Participate: Bird Banding Sessions


Our Birds Wintering in Urban Landscapes project depends on trained and experienced bird banders to band songbirds.   Banders confident with  aging are especially in demand. The site manager will observe the first few extractions of new banders to ensure safe handling of small birds.  Scribes (data recorders) are also needed–no banding experience is required.

Observers (non-participants) are welcome at banding sites, but please RSVP in advance, as the number of attendees (including banders/scribers) at any one time is limited.

Participants must dress appropriately for the weather and bring food and drink to sustain yourself for the 4-hour session.  Bathroom facilities are available at each site.  Bird safety is paramount, so banding sessions will be canceled if weather is inclement.

Check back in the fall for 2013-2014 dates!