Guidelines for Visitors & Volunteers


Thanks for your interest in visiting our banding sites! 


    • We ask that you request a volunteer spot at least three days in advance of your preferred banding date. Positions will be filled as we receive requests, so the earlier you contact us the better the chance we can accommodate you. Once we reach a maximum number of volunteers, we will ask you to join us on another occasion.
    • Your level of participation will depend upon your experience. You need only have an interest in birds and banding to join us! Depending upon how busy we are, we hope to provide some training in data collection, aging and sexing techniques, and record-keeping to all beginning volunteers. Some handling may be possible; again, this is dependant upon the number of birds we need to process and your specific experience level.
    • While we hope to provide some training in handling techniques, extraction (removing birds from nets) will generally not be permitted except for volunteers who are able to show that they have extensive experience in extracting songbids from mist nets. If you have experience in bird extraction, please provide us with a list of banders for whom you have worked so that we may assess your experience level.
    • Each volunteer will be assigned to a Station Volunteer Coordinator who will answer your questions and demonstrate banding and data-collection techniques on the day of your visit. We ask that you stay with the Volunteer Coordinator and direct questions to him or her. We welcome all questions and will try to accommodate all requests.

  We look forward to hosting you in the near future!