The Teens!

The whole group at McDaniel Lake Here are some pictures of Seattle Audubon’s budding ornithologists. Twelve high school students who were thrilled to spend the week studying birds – one even came all the way from New Jersey. For anyone out there who was a young birder at one time, you either know how . . . → Read More: The Teens!

Five Woodpeckers and Counting…

Last night we put up some nets by the edge of the lake to try to catch one of the Common Nighthawks that we’ve been watching circle the lake each evening. We managed to catch one in our net, and all gathered around in the darkness to observe the bird’s especially soft plumage, very . . . → Read More: Five Woodpeckers and Counting…

The Seattle Audubon Teens arrive!

This year we have our largest group of teens ever, 12 in total. With 4 staff members onsite, we have a total of 16 people in the field. Luckily, we have the campground entirely to ourselves.

Many of the teens are members of BirdWatch, Seattle Audubon’s excellent teen program, but others have come just . . . → Read More: The Seattle Audubon Teens arrive!