Interesting plumage

Spotted towhee. Photo by Dan Froehlich.

Despite the unusual rains, we’ve caught some interesting birds.  This Spotted Towhee surprised us at Cash Prairie.  Last year, we didn’t have SPTO at any of our sites, though we detected them regularly down lower just above the Nile Valley.  This juvenile was interesting not just for . . . → Read More: Interesting plumage

Warblers, thunderstorms & rattlers

Audubon's warbler. Photo by Dan Froehlich.

Warblers have been in short supply so far this year.  Only a few locally breeding Audubon’s Warblers have gotten caught, including this adult SY with 4 generations of feathers on its wing!  Note the juvenal primary coverts, the formative outer greater coverts, the first alternate inner . . . → Read More: Warblers, thunderstorms & rattlers

McChord AFB, Period 8: July 15, 2010

Daniel Froehlich, driver

Ken Hoffman

There were only two of us at McChord today—thankfully my wife’s  father pinch-hit as scribe today. Notable were the many HY Bewick’s Wrens and Song Sparrows. At the end of the session streams of birds headed for the water at net 16 where we caught six Puget Sound White-crowned . . . → Read More: McChord AFB, Period 8: July 15, 2010

McChord Summary for 12 July 2008

Certainly the most remarkable bird today was a wizened MacGillivray’s Warbler recapture of a bird originally banded as an adult in May 2001. This sets a new longevity record for this species: 7 years and 2 months from first capture to recapture (which is the same as the current longevity record), but an individual . . . → Read More: McChord Summary for 12 July 2008

McChord Summary for 7 July 2008

Activity at the station changed markedly today: the fledglings are out and adults are going crazy keeping track of them and feeding them to shut them up. Evolutionary biologists consider juvenile vocal begging as a kind of extortion: “I won’t shut up unless you feed me,” threatening the adults’ reproductive success by attracting predators. . . . → Read More: McChord Summary for 7 July 2008

McChord Summary for 26 June 2008

My favorite part of the station is where the willow thickets along the short stream flowing from the pond to the pothole wetlands tuck under the old, towering Douglas firs hugging the pond shore. Fledglings congregate, the pond shimmers, Douglas squirrels chatter, the stream burbles, and every now and then gentle sylphs whisper in . . . → Read More: McChord Summary for 26 June 2008

McChord Summary for 16 June 2008

This week we had 50 birds in the nets, pretty typical for McChord. While birders are reporting nesting failures and abandoned clutches, attributed to this summer’s unusually cold and wet temperatures, birds at McChord seemed to be right on schedule: The wetland by net 19 is host to family groups of Orange-crowned and MacGillivray’s . . . → Read More: McChord Summary for 16 June 2008