Interesting plumage

Spotted towhee. Photo by Dan Froehlich.

Despite the unusual rains, we’ve caught some interesting birds.  This Spotted Towhee surprised us at Cash Prairie.  Last year, we didn’t have SPTO at any of our sites, though we detected them regularly down lower just above the Nile Valley.  This juvenile was interesting not just for . . . → Read More: Interesting plumage

A day off – to band 60 more birds!

The teens left on Friday, and remaining trainers Dan and Ben decided to do some more banding on their off day before the adult trainees showed up on Sunday. They caught about 60 birds, of 18 species, with a strong emphasis on juvenile warblers. Some species we’ve yet to mention – a juvenile and . . . → Read More: A day off – to band 60 more birds!