Of sparrows & sapsuckers

Photo by Dan Froehlich.

Lincoln’s Sparrows up at Cash Prairie continued to pose identification challenges for the student

Lincoln's Sparrow. Photo by Dan Froehlich.

banders, illustrating that bird id in the hand is quite different than in the field.  In the hand people use field marks quite different from those often . . . → Read More: Of sparrows & sapsuckers

First Day of Banding, and a New Woodpecker, for Adult Camp

On Monday morning we put up one net in our campsite, across the drip that continues to draw in birds. We caught a small number of birds, just right for the first day, so everyone had a chance to get started slowly, with plenty of time for the trainers to check birds, instruct, and . . . → Read More: First Day of Banding, and a New Woodpecker, for Adult Camp

Cooling Temperatures

Examining a Pygmy Nuthatch

Last night, for the first time, we felt a considerable chill in the air overnight that required a little more diligent sleeping bag use. We got a bit of late start, and so did the birds. At first there were no birds around, and then we started seeing and catching . . . → Read More: Cooling Temperatures

Really Getting Rolling

Returning from a net run

On the first morning of banding with everyone up there we put up a small number of nets, and caught 50 birds! The teens did a terrific job processing the birds, and with so many returnees, assistants abound. A birding exploration the previous night turned up a Western Wood-pewee . . . → Read More: Really Getting Rolling