Congratulations to our new banders!

Banding Class of 2013

A key part of PSBO’s mission is to improve citizen capacity to effectively monitor local wildlife. Training volunteers in avian monitoring skills develops citizens with skills to help operate PSBO projects, engages the public’s comprehension of wildlife needs, and promotes citizen understanding of science-based decision-making.

Many PSBO projects use bird-banding to collect data and build awareness about local bird populations, so PSBO training focuses on building bird-banding capacity. PSBO has developed a tiered bird-bander training program that enables aspiring banders to learn about avian anatomy, physiology and ecology while steadily building field and research skills from novice to certified bander and project manager.

Some PSBO projects require volunteers with specialized skill sets, so PSBO develops customized training classes as needed.


Follow the links below to learn more about our training programs or register for a class.

Bander Training Program

Bander’s Apprentice

Weekend Banding Training

Point Count / Breeding Bird Survey Training