Bander’s Apprenticeship

The goals of PSBO’s Banders Apprenticeship is develop highly skilled bird-banders able to manage banding stations, to design and execute banding projects, and to collect high-quality banding data.

The apprenticeship builds project management capacity among PSBO’s volunteer base while contributing banding skills to PSBO projects and reaching out to other regionally active ornithologists.


Apprentices develop personal goals for handling set numbers of birds and species in a variety of groups over the entire annual cycle. PSBO recommends a minimum handling goals of 400 birds of 50 species focused on a principal bird-banding group and some experience with two others (bird-banding groups include passerines and near-passerines, hummingbirds, diurnal raptors, owls, shorebirds, waterfowl, wading birds, seabirds, upland game birds, and others upon request). Developing experience with several capture techniques is also encouraged. Further, apprentices will participate intensively in managing banding data sets, including scheduling banded birds with the federal Bird Banding Laboratory. Early on, the apprentice will assume responsibility as a site manager for an extant PSBO banding project to become familiar with the responsibilities required to set up and maintain a banding station. Finally, apprentices apply their skills to develop and execute a banding or banding-related project of their own. This project may represent a pilot season for an idea PSBO hopes to pursue, it may entail developing a concept associated with an extant PSBO project, or it may be an entirely new idea developed by the apprentice.

Apprenticeship completion:

The apprenticeship concludes with completion of the personal handling goals and a satisfactory evaluation of banding skills following guidelines promulgated by the North American Banding Council, successful processing of banding data sets and BBL submission, a successful season as site manager for a PSBO banding project, completion of a basic project manual or report for the apprentice’s project, and a public presentation on the project.

Currently NOT taking new applications.  Will post when a position becomes available.